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The Beautiful Goa Carnival

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The Famous Carnival of Goa is based on the Christian festival that the Portuguese brought to Goa in 1510. This is the local variant of the carnival that is observed before Mardi Gras worldwide. The 3-day festival is celebrated with exuberance and starts on the Saturday preceding to Ash Wednesday. This year the Carnival will be celebrated between the 13th of February till the 16th of February.

The Treat Hotel is excited to celebrate this festival with our guests and expects Goa tourism to be at its finest peak as rooms tariffs and occupancy rate increases dramatically. So, do plan your trip in advance with our budget hotel in Margao and do not miss this festival.

Anyways, now back to the itinerary, what you can expect from the festival is a 'Fiesta' of different races, religions contributing to the carnival activities under the supervision of the state department. Along with religious rituals, numerous street shows take place side by side. Further, the culmination of the carnival is a vibrant procession that is no less amazing than South America's holiday parades. The Goa Carnival parade involves giant presentations, floats, dancing and varied music which is marked by the famous red and black dance at the end of the Carnival festivities in Goa, where King Momo and the revellers, all dress in red and black according to the theme and dance to the traditional brass band's rhythms, accompanied by live music by local bands and DJs.

Blog on Goa Carnival
Red and Black dance in Goa Carnival

It is a myth that the carnival is meant for the youth to attend rather it is a festival for everyone: Families, Friends, Individuals and Couples.

Location of the carnival: Panjim, Goa

Duration: 13th of February 2021(Saturday) -16th of February 2021 (Tuesday)


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