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Goa: The Wedding Paradise

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The wedding business of India

According to a KPMG survey, a resounding 10 million+ weddings take place in India every year and the Indian destination wedding industry is projected to hit a market size of INR 450 billion with an expected annual growth of 25%-30% in the coming years. More amazingly it is believed that Indians invest one-fifth of their wealth accrued on weddings during their lifetime. (Simply Amazing!).

Why a destination wedding?

Destination weddings can be your “why didn’t I think of it” moment and also a personal memory of joyfulness and intimacy shared with your family and loved one. A few reasons why a particular location away from your usual surroundings can be a recipe for your dream wedding:

1. You can Stress less about your wedding! Not completely, but to an extent very much possible. A lot of hotels allocate their wedding planning department to help you stress less by communicating with your guests from RSVP’s to updates on starting their journey to location guidance of the hotel and off course warmly accommodating them in their booked rooms.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

2. An exotic location can be your unusual week away from the usual commotion you and your guests are used to. The beautiful sunsets, hills, valleys and beaches can also be a de-stressor while turning out to be a pre-honeymoon place to hang out at.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

3. If these two points are not enough to tempt you, I have two more.

Let's continue, imagine the wedding management taking care of things at the hotel and while all this getting is done, you concentrate on being unique as in being a wedding occasion and a wedding couple different from others. You can concentrate on the backdrops of your wedding photos, the best locations for your photographer to work on and all the crazy candid photos to shoot while you are enjoying your drink with your partner.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

4. Economical! No need to set up a place, then décor it with additional items. In addition, how about booking your wedding in the less peak season. Not only you can get incentives like discounts for your food and guest rooms but the bride and groom can get a room for free too.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Why Goa?

According to the ministry of Goa Tourism, more than 8.06 Million tourists had arrived in Goa with an additional 1.15 million arriving in the 1st half of 2020. In addition, the year 2018, had welcomed just under a million number of foreign tourists arriving from more than 27 different countries. These are simply outstanding numbers for a destination that let's be real doesn’t have an off-season. The place is peaceful at the same time buzzing and is a must travel for people craving family holidays, dates, honeymoons, yoga sessions, water sports and many more explorations.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Goa is India’s smallest state and in comparison, to a few other states has a very relaxed vibe which is not only attractive to the foreigners but also to the domestic tourists looking for a few days away from the fast pace of life and the usual commotion. Further, Goa has been a place to enjoy since the 1960’s offering numerous beaches with white sands, Arabian trenches and coconut groves. Beaches like Palolem and Agonda in the North and many calm beaches like Benaulim and Varca in the South are a must-visit to relax, rejuvenate and find inner peace.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Goa offers a diverse culture with its Portuguese history as it was a Portuguese colony for 450 years in comparison to the rest of India which we all know was a British Colony. While visiting this unique destination in the country one can enjoy Portuguese forts such as the Cabo De Rama.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

The Lush blackwaters will help you explore wildlife, go for a swim, observe fishermen and you can do all of this by renting out bikes at affordable prices and even go for a boat ride.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Very quickly we will summarise what more you can explore in Goa so that you can keep yourself in 'awe' of this place and your guests enjoy a memorable wedding and then we can detail this section in future blog posts:

Water sport

While visiting Goa you can try Banaride, parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, water zorbing, snorkelling and much more fun activities.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Dudhsagar Falls

The popularity of Dudhsagar Falls has increased tenfold in recent years as one of the most coveted weekend trips from each of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune cities.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Anjuna Wednesday Market

This is the most famous flea market in the land where you can find the hippiest of outfits, Goa Souveigners and exotic jewellery with thousands of designs available at affordable prices.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Immaculate Conception Church

As the name suggests this church is simply immaculate with the façade painted shinning white. On the head of the cathedral, which is also referred to as the crown of Panaji, the top region forms a beautiful crown. To catch Goa's elegance and simplicity and its vibes, make sure you visit here.

Blog on destination weddings in goa


The villas or resorts near the beaches are to enjoy the most as you get to experience mesmerizing sunsets, you can practise Yoga, experience a diverse culture of people enjoying and moreover you can enjoy the famous South Indian dishes with mouth-watering cooked fishes specially prepared for the tourists.

Blog on destination weddings in goa

Goa has a lot more to offer than what we can present for you today and we will get into more details in the coming blog so stay tuned

How can The Treat hotel help?

Looking to plan a wedding in South Goa? then The Treat Hotel can offer you spacious and clean rooms at budget rates to accommodate them and give them comfort and quality services in South Goa. We are located in Margao and are very close to Madgaon Railway Station and a mere 5min drive from the famous beaches of Benaulim and Colva. Our guests have time and again praised our guest-friendly staff, value for money services and rooms which makes them “vow” to come again.

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